I am ouching :( but my MIL rocks!!

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I am ouching :( but my MIL rocks!!

I am so sore round my right side. Round my back a bit.
It is sooo achey and has been for a while!!
Guessing its my ribs stretching but I can't help but dread misters feet and elbows etc jamming me!!!
I am solid in my bump and waddling like jemima puddle duck!!
There are 2 midwives who come into work regularly whobare placing bets on how long I will last at work!!! Sods!!! Lol

But through the uncomfortableness my MIL has just booked me a 4d scan on the 22 of may!!!
How awesome is she!!!!!!!
I am soooo lucky!!!

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uugh! sorry you're having that pain! sounds like you might need a chiropractic adjustment... I have had extremely good experiences with chiropractic in pregnancy... excited for you for the scan! Yay for awesome MILs!!

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Thanks love.
I already see a physio for weak back muscles.
I also enjoy moaning!! Lol!!!
Hey I am the oldest here (I think) so I am entitled too! Just call me nanny!! Lol

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Awwwwww!!! That's exciting!! About the 4D, not the pain...!!!!
I'm sorry that things are getting so uncomfortable for you! Baby's getting ready to make his appearance soooooon!!! Smile
I did have to giggle when you said you're waddling like Jemima Puddle Duck...I can relate!!! ... the other day I told DH that I'd noticed I started waddling when I walked and he was like, "No you don't....!" ...then later on our evening walk with the pup, he suddenly says, "You DO waddle!" ...GOSH! Thanks.. lol!! Wink

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OMG Liss!!!!!
You're down to double digits!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hit doubles in 2 days!!!!!!!
This is getting real eh?????

Glad to hear we are both creations of Beatrix potter!!!!