I ate unpasteurized blue cheese :(
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Thread: I ate unpasteurized blue cheese :(

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    Default I ate unpasteurized blue cheese :(

    I am SO mad at myself neither me nor my husband thought of it. I had 1 tablespoon of maytag blue cheese before I realized "****, listeria". I checked and it is unpasterized. Now I am freaking out.
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    I'm not sure what the exact statistics are for getting listeria but I'm sure they're not THAT high, and you're more than likely fine! I know I'm not as careful as some about that stuff; I eat deli meat, sot serve, etc.
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    There are lots of things that you "shouldn't" do, eat, or drink but if you so once or on accident I think you're ok!
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    I think you are probably fine. My doctors office list even says I can have cold cut sandwiches (which is the other listeria hitter), just eat it in moderation... Listeria isn't super common. Keep an eye out for flu-like symptoms, but don't stress over it too much.

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    also, even if you do get it, you will most probably handle it just fine. I got listeria with DS3 when I was about 11 weeks. It was right after we moved here, and I didn't even realize what it was until a few months after! First I thought I had a stomach virus, so I just drank a lot and rested, and then I had this awful head cold that I totally didn't associate with the other symptoms! All of a sudden I thought my head was going to explode from the pressure so I went on abx thinking it was a sinus infection, it passed so quickly after that, and a few months later I was reading about listeria and reading the symptoms and I was like, "I had that... I had that!! OMG!!" but thank God, everything was fine. So I wouldn't worry.

    Just knowing that you are at risk means you'll recognize the symptoms right away and treat it if you get it. You'll be fine!!
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