I do believe Aunt Flo has returned

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I do believe Aunt Flo has returned

So... I think af is here already.
Anyone else... Hmmm not that there are many of us.
Have to say its a bit of a relief to see her as m and I have been deliberately careless...
Not sure i will insist on us being careful either...
Not sure i could handle 2 and really want to enjoy Ed, but a part of me wants my perfect 2.4 children.
Leave it to fate maybe?

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I am impressed you are already dtd!! LOL I am EBFing so AF better not show up for a while.
We are undecided if we want a 4th baby. We did decide to get dh a vasectomy after I turn 40 in about 3 years, either way. Currently I feel good about stopping at 3 and the idea of another c/s is not appealing at all.

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The idea of another c section doesn't appeal here either.
But... I don't know... It took us so long to get Ed.. If we hadn't had problems we would have tried for 2.

We started DTD a week ago.. He never went without something... My god he has complained for the last 9 months about lack of everything,
If I kept him waiting any longer I think he would have gone mad!!
Not that I ever left him unseen too for over a week.. But..
But with DTD there is a part if me that wants an oops... So it's with ulterior motive!! Lol
I turn 40 in 2 weeks and its a case of if we are we need to do it straight off!!
But I am pleased af has shown because I need to realistically find out if my gorgeous ninja is okay... If he has problems etc then I will want to focus just on him.