I feel like I'm going to run out of time!

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I feel like I'm going to run out of time!

10 weeks or so til this little one should arrive!!! I'm feeling very unprepared this time!! No name picked out, no birth plan written, hospital bag not ready, need to get big bro/sis rooms painted & ready to be able to set up baby's room, need to set up crib, sort through/wash clothes, haul out & clean swing, carseat, bottles, breast pump---everything!! I need to get my mom up here a day to watch the other 2 kiddos so I can do this stuff but she's watching my sis's kids while they are on vacation for 2 weeks! Just a little overwhelmed at themoment!!!

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I know how you feel, Dawn! We are so busy with the move, and we're totally not done packing and everything and I haven't called the MW I met yet to tell her that I want her to attend my birth, I usually have my freezer stocked with after birth meals by now but I'm not doing that b/c we're moving... it's so crazy and feels so up in the air! What I've found that helps (aside from rescue remedy and wine! - not at the same time!) is not to think of it as all the things I need to do, but just to choose one thing to get done at a time. And drink wine and take lots of rescue remedy!!

We'll get through it! ((HUGS!))

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Good luck girls!!!!!!
I am fortunate in that I think we are done. Maybe need a few more bottles and storage boxes but.
I kind of had a huge blitz yesterday tidying and finishing getting what we had in order.
I think I am also of the advantage I have a date to HAVE to get it all done!!!!!

I wish I were closer as I would offer to help you ladies by liking after kids and helping pack etc

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Meals!!! Forgot about them!!
and I shouldn't complain -trying to pack & move too!!! I can't imagine!

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I feel a little bit too ready. We set up our room with the cradle and pnp complete with clean sheets. Now I feel like everything is dusty so I will have to wash it again haha. I am waiting to wash clothes because I know people are giving us more and I don't want them to get dusty.

I am glad we did the moving furniture part already because now I really feel pregnant and am getting the waddle walk. My hospital bag isn't all packed but since I am a scheduled c-section I don't feel the need. I have never gone into labor on my own, but I guess it is possible...

I really should see if my pump still works but I keep forgetting. It is pretty old but I hope I won't need to use it much.