I got a surprise BFP today!

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I got a surprise BFP today!

Hello ladies!AF was due on Sunday so I took a Dollar Store test today for the heck of it and I couldn't believe it when I saw a faint line. Just to make sure I took a FRER because I heard they are the best and I got a nice dark line! I posted them in the 2WW post. I was a part of the Jan/Feb 08 ladies and I still talk with them today and also was a part of the Sep 09 ladies so now I am going to be a part of the Aug 13 ladies! All my kiddos were conceived when we least expected to get pregnant Smile

Ok I guess I should introduce myself! My name is Kelly (33), DH is John (36) and we have 2 kids Sklya (4) and Ty (3) who are 19 months apart and our world. My son is a summer baby so here we go again, he he. My kids are such great kids and best buddies too! I got my Mirena out a few months ago (due to hormonal side effects) and we thought we were being careful but I must have ovulated really late and here we are! I am pretty sure I am due around August 16th but it could be later. I was just thinking my daughter will be starting Kindergarten around my due date and my son will be in Pre-K. I feel like I will be starting all over again, but I must admit I am really excited at the experience to have a new baby again Smile I have never found out this early so I hope and pray that my little bean is ok. I see many familiar faces and I hope to get to know you ladies better! Congrats to all the BFPs and I hope to see more rolling in soon Smile I forgot to add that we won't find out the gender. With already having a girl and boy I know I can wait it out and I am soo darn excited to find out at birth.

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Congrats! We have been surprised by BFPs several times! HH9M to you!

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Congrats!! HH9M!

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Congratulations on your BFP!! Smile
I see you're in Sac... we have a lot of friends & almost all of our family in the Sac/Hwy 50 corridor area.. Smile

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Congrats!!! I don't know if you remember me but I was on the feb 08 board with you. I ended up with a jan leapfrog though. I know what you mean about starting over, both of my boys will be in full time school next fall and I will have a newborn! But at least I get to enjoy the baby and maybe nap a bit with the baby. This one was a surprise for us as well, but I always wanted a summer baby, my other two are so close to Christmas. HH9M!!

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