I had my baby boy this Saturday!

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I had my baby boy this Saturday!

I had my baby boy this Saturday on August 17th a little less than a week before my due date! I had an amazing all natural birth and our son Quinn Kayden came into the world early morning Saturday at 1:10 am, weighing 7 lbs, 7 ounces, 19.5 inches long and lots of brown hair! My recovery has gone well and except for having a small tear I feel pretty good and my kids are totally in love with their new baby brother! Congrats to all the new mommies and I can't wait to hear about more babies being born Smile

Here are some pictures to share!

took this picture before we left for the hospital



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He is beautiful!!!!!!
Glad it all went well!!!
So so cute!!!!

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*Lurker* Congrats Kelly! Love how Skyla is holding her baby brother! What a great big sister

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Congrats! What a beautiful family!

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congratulations!! what a beautiful family!!!!