I went to doctor's

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I went to doctor's

I had a ultrasound today I saw the baby it was measuring 6 weeks and no heart beat the doctor said it could be I got pregnant in January. I have irregular periods so I don't know when I ovulated but I'm not giving up hope I believe in miracles and I have faith in god. That everything is ok. I have to go get another ultrasound next week to see if anything changed if not the doctor said she's going to help me have a successful pregnancy in the future.

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I hope that it is just too early. Thinking of you!

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I hope you get good news next week!

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I hope everything turns out alright Smile I'll keep you in my thoughts and can't wait to hear what happens next week

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I sure hope you get great news next week. I had this happen with DS 2 - the first U/S showed a blighted ovum, and a transvaginal one a few days later picked up the heartbeat. You'll be in my thoughts!

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Thanks everyone

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Hoping for good news next week!!

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Thinking of you, Crystal. Hope you get good news at your next appt.