I'm new... sort of!

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I'm new... sort of!

Hello there ladies! I was a crazily posting member of this site way back in the day when I had my first two children, but it's been 6 years since I've had a viable pregnancy and sometime between then and now, my other account has disappeared! So, I started a new one. Biggrin

Anyway. My name's Amy. I have two girls that are just 20 months apart, born in 2005 and 2006. Since then, I've had a lovely ectopic pregnancy, twin blighted ovums, and two miscarriages. My husband and I aren't really TTC people, so every pregnancy with me is a surprise (I like it better that way :D) Anyway, he bought me a new puppy about a week before Christmas and two days later, I was in shock and looking at 2 pink lines on a dollar store test!

I've just been waiting things out since Christmas and believing that this baby is a strong one, and I just had my first appointment yesterday with a sono showing a happy, healthy, heartbeating 9weeksandsome baby sitting right there in my uterus where it's supposed to be! So... I'm super happy Biggrin And nice to meet you all.

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Congratulations, and welcome!

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Welcome and congrats! Was your old screenname similar? I remember a screenname like yours and I have been here since 2005. I wish you a HH9M!

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My old SN was afrenzfan. I found my old pregnancy journals in the archives but that's the only evidence I was ever here!

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:lurk: Congrats! That sucks to have that many problems right back to back to back. I had an ectopic last Jan/Feb - they aren't any fun Sad GL and HH9M!

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Congratulations and HH9M! What a relief it must have been to have a great U/S!

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Congratulations! So glad things are looking great this pregnacy.

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Congrats & Welcome!

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Hi Amy and welcome to August! Looking forward to taking this journey with you and HH9M!!