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Anyone else out there choose to not vaccinate their babies? My 1st child was vaccinated, but I keep reading up on all the cons about immunizations. It's now got me thinking that I don't want my 2nd one vaccinated at all. . . .

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My first was done on schedule, my second we talked with the doctor and made our own schedule (loosely following Dr. Sears schedule). He only got one shot per visit, separated by at least 6 weeks and never when my child was otherwise ill. Started @ 4 months maybe? Also no flu or rotovirus or hep A, and MMR delayed until 2.5 years and 5 years. We plan to do the same this time. We feel this protects our children either way.

My children don't attend daycare and I breastfeed so I might feel differently if my situation was different.

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We make our own vax schedule, nothing at birth (unless, God forbid we would have an extended hospital stay or something, in which case I would reconsider), starting at a year (i also bf and don't start daycare until at least a year - agree with Stephanie that I would take that into account when making decisions.)
My opinion is that the actual vaccines are not the problem, the problem is pharmaceutical companies that don't test their ingredients. I LOVE the idea of eradicating disease!! unfortunately we have seen over the past 150 years or so since vaccines came into existence that they haven't quite done the job they promised. It's very hard to get any real, solid information from any of the sources from either side. So I just go with my gut. and trust that I'm being guided by a Higher consciousness! I know my athiest friends would be ranking on my right now!!! But most of them are also anti-vax, so we get along!

It's a really rough decision. But my gut feelings are that a newborn who had an uncomplicated birth and is not staying in the hospital for any length of time does not need any vaccinations at that point. Momma's milk has everything baby needs. And even a child who is at home that has older siblings in school and daycare is still under the protection of mom's immunity and the immunity of the familiarity of home (meaning, we develop the antibodies to the things we're exposed to on low levels. Just like a vaccine. Which is one of the findings in studies on home births that show that there is lower risk of infection to the mother and baby in the environment in which they are immune).

There you go, that's my two cents!

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My last 3 children have never had vaccinations. My first 2 have had a couple. Its just so much negative side affects that could happen and so much stuff in the shots. Both my first 2 children are in school and have alot of help because they were speech delayed and my son hes going into first grade but I truly believe since he got vaccinated when he was a baby its affected him so much.. It was craziness to get them in school had to like write essays for why we dont vaccinate them and stuff. But my 3 youngest children have been so normal and my 3 year old even speaks soo well . So i know the shots did have affects on my first 2.. and boy does there pediatrician always try to get me to get them shot every appt... nope!!!!!