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Ninja boy!!!

Little so and so kept covering his face so we have to go back next week for the package but we got this photo... Soooo cute!!!

And I had to have a strong cup of coffee to get him moving!!
I want to go to bed but I am wired lol

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As I have said before, he is absolutely beautiful. Can't wait until he is here and we can see all his gorgeousness.

Love Ninja boy and you.

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Me either!!!!!
Think I got my first feel of hiccups today.... Unless he's got rhythm already!!! Lol
Plus I had a nap and what woke me was a large lump pushing up in my left!! Head or bum!!!?? I had to tap it to get it to go down. Lol

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Such a little cutie pie!!!!!!! Biggrin

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Such a sweet picture!! It is so amazing how clear that picture is.

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LIZ-what a little angel!!! So precious!!!!

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he looks like a keeper! soo cute!