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It's a..........


Ahhhhhh, another girl! Twice the bows! Lol! I really thought it was a boy, but apparently I am not good at guessing the gender of my babies Smile I am super excited that my DD will have a sister close in age, they will be almost exactly 20 months apart. I think DH was surprised and a little disappointed, but he's happy too, I think he's just still processing the fact that he will be totally outnumbered (even our dogs are girls, ha). I know he really wants a son, so that was my reason for wanting a boy...but I have to keep telling myself that it's HIS sperm that decides the gender!

Everything looked great with the baby, HB was 141, she weighs 10 oz, and is measuring a week ahead already, so my doctor thinks I'll have another big baby (DD was 10lbs 1oz, born on her due date). I found out I have an anterior placenta this time, which explains why I haven't felt as much movement as I had last time at this point. It's funny though, during my appt, I definitely felt her move, and this evening I've felt her a few times. I drank a soda before the ultrasound and baby was wide awake literally doing flips in there so the tech had a hard time getting a good pic of her spine, so when I go back in a month they will do another scan.

Oh, and her name is going to be Hadley Renee Smile I am so excited Smile

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Congrats!! I know how your husband feels being outnumbered Wink My husband really wants a girl but like you said, gender is up to HIS swimmers.

I admit when I found out I was having a scond boy I was a bit disappointed. Of course now I wouldn't change it for the world. Mine are 26 months apart but one year apart in clothing. It is great, I just move clothes to the other side of the closet when my oldest outgrows them. I can buy ahead and if one skips a size or doesn't look good in something, it always gets worn by the other one. Super money and time saver! And they can share a room.

Congrats again, so exciting to know already!

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Congratulations on your little girl!! Sisters close in age will be fun. I have had an anterior placenta with both of my pregnancies, I don't know about this time yet.

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Congrats on another little girl!!! I will find out next Friday what we will be having. Can't believe we are already at this point in our pregnancies!

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Thanks y'all :). I woke up at 4:45 this morning thinking of my sweet new baby girl Smile

I will have to upload a pic later to show y'all how I announced it on Facebook last night.

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Congrats on another girl - and having a name picked out already!!

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such a sweet name! congrats!