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it's a.....

So I haven't really posted anything new and frankly besides this morning and now I haven't really felt the urge to post and i think that's just me feeling crappy about everything..

But we did find out the gender and to Robs disappointment we are having yet another girl. 3 girls under 3 oh my goodness am I in trouble later in life. lol. But it works out great for us so we can re use all the girls clothes that we already have Smile so thats a plus. Now we just have to agree on a name.... hopefully that is easy.

Hopefully I will only be working till the end of june and I at least get some rest time before this baby comes.

Well dinner needs to get started so I hope to see more of you post and that I can and will start to feel more like posting my self. Maybe I will get around to posting pictures of my ultrasound and some family pictures soon Smile

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Congrats on your little girl! 3 girls close in age should be fun! With time your DH should be fine! At first I had a little gender dissapointment because I was also hoping for a girl but once I thought about it having a little boy is best for our family since I still had pretty much all my son's clothing and we have soo many boy toys and actually had gotten rid of most of my daughters clothes!

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Congrats on your little girl! Do you think you will use a K name again?

We have so many nice baby boy clothes that I feel bad they won't get used. At least not this time. We may have a fourth, just have to see how this goes with 2 older ones already.

I feel like I have a lot of stuff to post about, just been busy. Hopefully soon though.

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I am definitely staying away from another K name. I have already gotten a joke about it KKK.... I want something original and unique..

If Rob had his way we would have 2 more but man oh man am I done. But such is life and here we are 5 kids in. lol.

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Congrats on another girl! I think it's neat that your boys are first and close in age and then all three girls in a row!

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Congrats!!!!!! Yay!!! Xxx

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Haha! And here's the next wacky parallel between me and you, we are having another boy! (ssshh! don't tell!) so we'll have 3 boys under 4 - and although we won't have to deal with the catfights and other horrors of teenage girl-ness, I can't even imagine the mischief three little guys will cook up in my house!! Yitzchak and Asa'el are already turning out to be a "dynamic duo"!
And Stephanie - I know how you feel, we have so many beautiful girl clothes that I was hoping to get to use again! I'm not kidding myself though, we're a young Jewish family moving to a small settlement, stereotype demands that we produce children until I hit menopause! So there will likely be another girl in there somewhere! (Ok, seriously, I don't plan on having that many kids, but there will probably be a couple more - But I am definitely taking at least a 3 year break!!!)