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Joining the fray...

Just got my BFP last week, very unexpectedly! This will be my 5th baby, God-willing, with the shortest break between - my baby is only 15 months! I know it could be worse, It's not that we weren't planning to have more kids, just that I was hoping to have a little respite from the nursing/pregnant-ness! :rolleyes:
Anyway, I'm excited to be here and to meet and connect with other moms!

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Congratulations and welcome!!

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Congratulations! Smile

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Congrats! You live in Israel, from your siggy I take it you moved from the US to there? That's very neat I've never know anyone from Israel before!

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Smile It was not an easy move, but ideologically it was exactly right for us. For example, I'd love to wish all who celebrate a merry Christmas, but the only reason I remembered was b/c of fb! No trees here, no christmas music on the radio or in the malls. But we just had a whole bunch of awesome Chanuka sales!

Anyway, we love it here for so many reasons, but the birth system here is sooo broken! it stinks!! And especially in my area, to even get an appt with a female ob (which I prefer mostly b/c I can't see how someone who never had a uterus can relate to my body...) I had to book two weeks in advance!

But here we are, and this will be my third birth in Israel.... Asa'el's birth was incredible, but the MW's I had are not attending births anymore... so we'll see.

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I had a male OB for my first three kids and then switched to a female midwife. Best decision I ever made! I love her to death she's like family. The difference between MW and OB is big bc she actually spends time w/ me talking, answering questions, just caring more it seems. And the difference in compassion from a woman whose been through this compared to a man who never can but thinks he knows all about it, is huge!!!!

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Congratulations on baby #5!!! Smile Hoping all goes smoothly and that you can find some awesome new care providers for this little one. Smile

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Lol my story mirrors yours! We're in this together now lol! This is also my fifth baby and my youngest just turned one on thanksgiving!

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Congrats & welcome!