Jumping in a little late :)

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Jumping in a little late :)

Hi everyone Smile

I've been lurking here since I got my BFP in November so I feel like a know y'all, lol...but I was starting to feel kind of stalker-ish so I finally decided to introduce myself Smile

I'm Katie, from Texas, I'm 30, married to DH for 3.5 years with a 14-month-old daughter named Harper. I was a member of the December 2011 board on here. I got my BFP on 11/30/12. We knew we wanted our babies close together but were surprised it happened when it did, but we are excited. My due date is August 9th but I plan on having a repeat c-section at 39 weeks right around the first of the month.

We are having a gender scan next Thursday at 17w6d and I cannot wait! I feel like its a boy this time, but I was convinced my daughter was a boy too, haha. Either way I will be happy! I am just anxious to find out.

I look forward to getting to know everyone. I've noticed this board is somewhat slow, but there seems to be a lot of BTDT mamas...so maybe since its not our first time there's not a lot of new stuff to talk about? Either way I hope it picks up! Smile

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Congrats and welcome!

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Welcome! I am so glad you joined us! This board has been slow, hopefully it is picking up as we get past that first trimester. Congrats on your pregnancy!

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congratulations & welcome to August! Smile
can't wait to hear how your gender scan goes!!! that's so exciting:)
o, and be sure to add your space!

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welcome and congrats! Hopefully you get your boy this time Smile

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Congrats! Glad you came out of lurk-dom to join us Smile

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Your ultrasound is today!!! Good luck, thinking of you today! I hope you will update us with the news! I believe you will be the first to find out here.

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Welcome Katie! my littlest is an October 2011 baby... so this is closer for us than any of the others have been. It's already turning out to be interesting! Looking forward to hearing if you're intuition is right!