just going to hang here

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just going to hang here

i havent gotten my BFP yet - i just Oed on sat.

If i am, then my EDD is Sept 1st.so i will be between this board and sept.

I have 2 boys-5 and 2

DH and i have been together for 9 yrs, we are both in school. DH will graduate in May, and i still have 2 more semesters before applying to nursing school. i will have a semester or 2 between finishing my prereqs and starting nursing school.


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GL! Hope you caught that eggie and get a bfp!

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HI! I'm also still in the 2WW. I'm hoping for a BFP by the end of the week. Smile Good luck!

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Hi:) Hope this is your month for a beautiful BFP!!! Smile