Just a head's up...

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Just a head's up...

So I've been having intense ctrx around every 10-20 minutes most of the day... Just had one now actually.
Anyway... I would be very surprised if I actually have the baby tonight, it would definitely be a first for me to not have a week or two of this!! But it also has never been this intense on the first bout.

Anyway, I just figured I'd let you girls know what's happening! Most likely I'll post tomorrow that everything calmed down and we all got a good night's sleep! But I did let the MW know and my friend who's on kid-care is leaving her phone one, and my parents even have a call in to the travel agent in case they need to change their flight! It's overkill, nothing's going to happen... :confused:

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Oooo!!! Exciting!!!!!!
Thanks for letting us know and keep us updated!!!!!
Good to have all emergency measures in place!!!

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Keep us posted!!!