Just something fun to ease our ttc minds

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Just something fun to ease our ttc minds

Getting Down in the Winter
More babies are born during the hottest time of the year. The most popular months being July-September, which means more couples are having sex in the cold winter months!

So, get BUSY out there!!!!

Facts about Fertility and Conception | Being Pregnant

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My DS was conceived on Valentine's day 2011...lol!

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My second was conceived in December Smile

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I have Nov & April conceptions....and soon to be Nov. or Dec. I hope Smile :)

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It's coming intot he hottest [part of the year here, but I have a Jnauary conceved boy already and thats when it's really hot.

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Robbie was conceived in October but he was a preemie so born in June. I have an August birthday. However if I do get pregnant this cycle then I am due August 15th but my OB will not let me get past 38 weeks as I am diabetic.

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My DS was conceived in December and was born a week early at the end of August. Hopefully we'll have some luck this winter too!