Mind if pop in?

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Mind if pop in?

Hello everyone! My name is Veronica and I am due with #3 September 5. This was my Christmas present, since I got my BFP Christmas morning. Since both my DS's were early, I figure there's a good chance for an August baby here. I figure I'll straddle the boards.

DH and I were trying for a year this time around, and weaning DS2 completely seems to have been the magic ticket. DS's are really excited to welcome a new addition. DS1 wants twins so there can be a girl and a boy (I am NOT in agreement!), and DS2 wants a sister (I am completely in agreement!). I guess we'll see!

Look forward to getting to know you all. HH9M!

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Hi Veronica and welcome! With my last I was due 12/3 and straddled both nov and dec boards... And sure enough he came on 11/22! I still post on both boards though! I hope you get a girl, and hh9m to you!

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Welcome and congrats! My babies are always born the month before they are due, I am sure this is really a July baby.

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Congratulations and welcome!