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    Quote Originally Posted by blissfulliss View Post
    Did you tell him? What was his reaction?
    I did tell him. I ended up telling him a few days before friday, we are both excited now. Suprisingly, he has kept his mouth shut well so far. Now we have to figure out when to tell family, not sure if Christmas is too early.

    I have noticed on the days I walk in the morning (2.5 miles) I feel less nausea later in the day, so that is motivation to continue exercising!
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    Stephanie, I remember you from the November 2005 board (my screen name was "WhiteWolf"). Congratulations! My boys are both in school and now I have twins (via IVF, etc), it's crazy but it's a "good kind of crazy". I keep joking how I would be bored otherwise. You'll manage just fine. We're in a good routine here now and every day it gets easier, I think that's the key...having a routine. I try to do lots at night before bed, like set out cereal bowls and cereal boxes. My 7 year old is great at being a helper when I need it.

    Anyway, congrats! Going from 1 to kids (I think) is harder than 2 to 3.
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    Oh wow, I hadn't made that connection yet between exercise and less nausea but when I think about it, the same holds true for me, as well....! Thanks! hehe

    lol! My DH has been dying to tell people and there have been several times when I've been shocked he actually didn't tell one of his friends...
    I know what you mean about not knowing if Christmas is too early... we'll be seeing all of our home church family this upcoming weekend, after I've hit 8 weeks... and while I'm excited to see them and let them know about our news, it still seems so early..!!!

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    Fist off, congrats to you!! Trust me, you'll be fine once everything sinks in. I just found out that I'm pregnant with baby number 5, so needless to say I was freaking out. But after the shock wore off, I'm actually really excited. You'll be ok momma... Good luck with telling DH!
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