Mixed Feelings

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Mixed Feelings

Hi! I have been following pregnancy.org for a really long time, since my first baby/pregnancy. He was born 7 years ago. I haven't been here a lot recently though.

I just got a faint positive this morning. My husband and I do want more children, but I just lost 47 pounds and wanted to lose more before getting pregnant again. I was doing so well with the weight loss, but I guess there is a new plan. I think I am just shocked right now. I haven't told my husband yet, but I know he will be happy.

We actually tried to have another baby before I lost the weight, but didn't succeed. I actually was enjoying having both kids in school a bit, and thought maybe just 2 kids would be my life. Starting all over right now sounds scary, and I hope I can handle this.

Thanks for listening and congrats to those also pregnant!!

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Hey there! I just had to post because we have similar lives. I have a husband, together 10 years and 2 daughters born 8/05 and 1/08. I really WANT to lose more weight before getting pregnant, but I would rather just get pregnant. Have been trying awhile. I also got rid of all my baby stuff, so I know it seems scary! And it is nice to have peace and quiet in the day lol.

I hope you have a happy, healthy 9 months! If I O soon, I could still be late August.

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The amazing thing about your weight loss journey is that I'm quite sure it has lead you to living a healthier lifestyle through your food intake! Smile Personally, I'd use that knowledge and experience to eat healthy and "right" through the pregnancy so that what weight you so gain will be minimal and all baby. Biggrin

Congrats again and HH9M! :clappy:

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I know where you are coming from. After my second, I lost 60 lbs. unlike you, I gained almost 40 back. I really wanted to get rid of it again before having another which we had originally thought we were done. I got rid of all our baby stuff except one of the cribs that my daughter uses as the daybed. Nothing like starting all over again from scratch.

All this to say that I think it can be overwhelming at times but if you want to talk I here to listen.

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Congrats on the baby and losing so much weight!

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Congratulations on your pregnancy!!!! That helps so much to have your husband happy and supportive of a new baby. Smile

I can understand where you are coming from - I lost a lot of weight last year then gained back about half when I started school again.... had just started a new exercise regiment to add to my healthy eating lifestyle when I got my BFP! I'm still going to be exercising but probably won't see the pounds dropping off like I'd expected...:)

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I'm in the same boat. I was hoping to wait a little longer. Congrats anyway!

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Sarah, I really hope you get to join us!
Adriana- thank you, you are absolutely right, I can do this the healthier way this time around. Hopefully I can battle the cravings and win.

Thank you all so much, it is so comforting to know I am not alone.

I tested again today to be sure and it is still positive. I still need to tell my husband but I am planning to do it friday morning since we have some time alone.

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Did you tell him? Smile What was his reaction? Smile

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congrats on the bfp! Kinda same situation here. I just had my 5 child in april and planned the next year working out and losing wait... well got my positive the other day and well kinda shocked but i haven't told my dh yet.. waiting until a couple weeks. Ima still try to eat right though. It happend before when i lost alot of weight i got pregnant so i think that might have something to do with it lol... hope everything goes well!!!!

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"blissfulliss" wrote:

Did you tell him? Smile What was his reaction? Smile

I did tell him. I ended up telling him a few days before friday, we are both excited now. Suprisingly, he has kept his mouth shut well so far. Now we have to figure out when to tell family, not sure if Christmas is too early.

I have noticed on the days I walk in the morning (2.5 miles) I feel less nausea later in the day, so that is motivation to continue exercising!

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Stephanie, I remember you from the November 2005 board (my screen name was "WhiteWolf"). Congratulations! My boys are both in school and now I have twins (via IVF, etc), it's crazy but it's a "good kind of crazy". I keep joking how I would be bored otherwise. Smile You'll manage just fine. We're in a good routine here now and every day it gets easier, I think that's the key...having a routine. I try to do lots at night before bed, like set out cereal bowls and cereal boxes. My 7 year old is great at being a helper when I need it.

Anyway, congrats! Going from 1 to kids (I think) is harder than 2 to 3. Smile

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Oh wow, I hadn't made that connection yet between exercise and less nausea but when I think about it, the same holds true for me, as well....! Smile Thanks! hehe Smile

lol! My DH has been dying to tell people and there have been several times when I've been shocked he actually didn't tell one of his friends... Blum 3
I know what you mean about not knowing if Christmas is too early... we'll be seeing all of our home church family this upcoming weekend, after I've hit 8 weeks... and while I'm excited to see them and let them know about our news, it still seems so early..!!!

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Fist off, congrats to you!! Trust me, you'll be fine once everything sinks in. I just found out that I'm pregnant with baby number 5, so needless to say I was freaking out. But after the shock wore off, I'm actually really excited. You'll be ok momma... Good luck with telling DH!