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I am convinced I felt it around 16 weeks, which I think is earlier than with my previous children. But now sometimes I don't notice anything for a while and get a little worried. Is anyone else feeling flutters yet? If not, it shouldn't be long! I know I have one of the earliest due dates though.

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I've been thinking about this the past week - can't quite remember when I started feeling movement with the last two, but I have in my head it was around 16 weeks? I was just looking at the pregnancy alerts I get on my phone this morning and for me at 14 weeks it says baby is very active but you can't feel it yet. Excited to feel it though - I love that!!

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I may or may not have felt tiny little flutters but I can't say for sure. I am waiting patiently for the day that I can know for sure that what I am feeling is indeed the baby moving. I am 15 weeks now so it shouldn't be long now.

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I *think* I have been feeling something for a week or so but I'm sill not for sure. With my DD I felt her really low for a long time, and this time what I'm feeling is right under my belly button, which is a lot higher than where my daughter was. So I'm assuming that's what it's gotta be, right? You'd think I'd know since this is my second baby, lol.

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Little movements here and there, but nothing consistent. Smile

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I started feeling flutters and little movements very early this time, I've also lost a lot of weight and was sick twice in my first trimester, so there wasn't much padding around my uterus! (not complaining!) but the first real kicking session I felt was a few days ago in the evening. I was having some tea and checking emails and I felt the baby bouncing around for a good 5 minutes! It was so fun! The past few days I've also felt it mostly in the evening, but that's also the first time of the day that I'm sitting and it's quiet...

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I have been feeling very low flutters for about a week. I usually feel them after I have had something to drink. I wouldn't say I feel them every day yet.

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I found out last week I have an anterior placenta, but I'm still feeling her move every other day or so. It makes me so happy! I forgot how neat it is when they start moving around in there Smile

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I havent' felt anything yet.. sometimes though i get like a twinge when i sit in a certain position but i cant feel anything yet.. hopefully soon.