MRI scan scheduled

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MRI scan scheduled

.... For 13th October.
Nervous about my little lad having a cannula.. Not nervous about MRI as such as I had one during pregnancy and it was okay.
A month until we get to know if anything is a awry.

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Good luck! I'm sure everything will be fine. Maybe you will get some neat pics of his brain you can save for him when he's older?

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I hope he is going to be fine! A month is a long time to wait, wow!

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Everything crossed for a perfect scan. Sorry that you have to wait so long.

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I like to think that as I have to wait they aren't concerned that Ed has SWS otherwise he would have been rushed through.. Right ? Smile
All just a precaution.
Like when we were sent to a and e the other week for periodical breathing.
Doctor didn't think it was anything but no risks are taken with little people.
Thanks for the good wishes ladies