My husband can't keep a secret *sigh*
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Thread: My husband can't keep a secret *sigh*

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    Default My husband can't keep a secret *sigh*

    We were at my in-laws for Father's Day and my husband accidentally told our baby's name! My SIL heard it loud and clear so she knows now. She lives with MIL and FIL so I hope she can keep a secret but I really doubt it. The only good part is that he feels so bad he might let me have the middle name I have been campaigning for. But I only want to use it if he likes it. So far neither of us has come up with a better name though.

    The kind of funny part is that our kids have known the name for a long time and managed not to tell the in-laws. My oldest did tell some people at school. I guess maybe we will be breaking tradition with this one.
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    aww! how annoying! if it gets you the middle name you want though... at least some good should come of it!
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    Oh no!! Hehe that's funny that your kids kept the secret better than your hubby!! Ooooops!! Hopefully you get your middle name now, tho..

    We'd already put "dibs" on our name several years ago haha, so our families knew already... figured might as well tell everyone else, too..!!

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