My parents are coming to visit!!!!

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My parents are coming to visit!!!!

I'm sooo excited! I have been secretly praying that at least my dad would come for some time after the baby b/c aside from the fact that he's a total baby whisperer, he also has not been her for either of my past two births. My mom came for DS2's birth. Also, if it's a boy, you know we have that crazy circumcision ceremony (yes, I personally think it's crazy. It kinda makes me not want to have boys! But that's a different discussion!) Well, one of the grandfathers usually gets the honor of being the child's "godfather" and it's a big honor, and my grandfather, may he rest in peace, was DS1's and DS2 and 3 were both my FIL, b/c my dad wasn't here. So I'd really like, and I know he would really love to be for this one if it's a boy.

So anyway.... all this is leading up to the fact that they called me last week to tell me that THEY BOOKED TICKETS AND THEY'RE COMING FOR A WEEK AND A HALF!!! They're arriving on the 15th of August at night, so I really need to make it to my due date for them to be here if there's a bris (aforementioned ceremony).

I'm sooo excited!!! And on top of that, one of my soon-to-be neighbors, who has a rental apartment outside her house, offered to let my parents stay there for free!! How sweet is that??? :jumpingbeans::wootjump:

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That sounds absolutely wonderful! So happy for you. Smile

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It's all coming together!!!!!!
So so so exciting!!!!!!!!!!

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Exciting news!!!