Names names names!

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Names names names!

Hey ladies!

So how many of you have names all picked out yet???
Are you keeping the name a secret til baby is born or "staking your claim" now? Wink
What names have you chosen or are you thinking about?

We're still undecided if we'll find out our baby's gender next month @ our u/s but are pretty well set on our names.

For a boy, we like Nolan David.. although DH has been iffy about Nolan all of a sudden haha. David is his middle name and his dad's name, so gotta keep it in the family.
For a girl, we've decided on Euna Grace. I'm Korean and we like the idea of using a name that shows some of my Korean heritage. We'd pronounce it yoo-nah. Grace is a family name from my side of the family. Smile

So how about you?? Smile

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We keep the name secret until birth, but only have one of her names for sure. I did share our boy name here a while back though.

Names are so much fun until you have to pick the perfect one!

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We'll be waiting till we meet our little one to decide on a name, I can't think of a single one! And DH doesn't have any ideas either. All the family members have been named after or honored, so we can choose whatever we like... I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

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We're finding it hard.
Well... There are names that m likes and I have said no full stop to one but the other I okayed but he doesn't like my choice of middle name and I don't really seem to get a choice really.
So I will just leave it to him although the names he likes are horrible.