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Anyone getting the nesting urge? Today I HAD to scrub the bathrooms. I mean, they were pretty nasty, but I just had to do it today! LOL! Maybe if I do one room or job a day I'll have the house clean by the time little girl gets here.

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I know how you feel!! until this past thurs I didn't even have a "nest" cuz we were moving!! it was so frustrating! I did make a meatloaf to put in the freezer and I made tons of ice cream! (which got completely devoured by our moving crew! They deserved it, they're DH's co-workers and they did it for free!!) Now I'm channeling the urge to unpacking and getting the house set up for the birth, but it's been hard b/c I can't move stuff or bend down too much... plus cleaning and scrubbing is a complete waste of time b/c with everything still being moved around and the painter coming in and other random things, it's messy and dirty again before I even finish sweeping!

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A couple of weeks ago I went mad but at the moment it's hard enough to do the dishes lol
Although I do lol