Not managing my sugars well :(

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Not managing my sugars well :(

My evening meals are being very naughty!!!
I can't seem to get my diet right this week!!
My sugar levels have shot up the last 3 nights and I have no idea why?
Well... White wine vinegar may be guilty today... But even being on my stepper for half an hour doesn't help.
We did an hours walk down the beach on Thursday after eating.
So... Looks like they will have me on insulin injections sooner rather than later.
They did say as the GD had been found so early that my glucose tolerance is going to get worse and insulin is forthcoming.
So I guess I better adapt to more shots.
Will call the Diabetes midwife Monday and say I am not coping too well.

Guess I could live on hummus and lettuce and plain chicken!!
Or cheese and eggs!!

Such fun!!! Lol

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Sorry hun. Hugs

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So sorry that you're having such a hard time. It is so frustrating! You're not by any chance sick with anything are you? My numbers were so much harder to regulate when I had a nasty cold a few weeks ago. As soon as I was feeling better they went back within normal range.

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No not ill.
Just rubbish lol

Hey ho. Maybe I'll get it right today.