Not many symptoms, worried. Anyone else?

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Not many symptoms, worried. Anyone else?

I am super tired and my breast are sore (but I also take suppositories, although last time they did NOT give me sore breast) and sometimes I feel fatigue and dizzy. Maybe I pee a little bit more. But it worries me that at 7 weeks I don't have any nausea? Anyone else have it like this?

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I didn't have nausea with my first two, but I do with this one. My sister in law had severe morning sickness with her first pregnancy, but just nausea with her current pregnancy and she is almost 30weeks. Every pregnancy is different, and different people handle the hormones that create the nausea differently. As long as you don't any bleeding just sit back and try to enjoy your nausea free journey. Smile

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Just up until a week ago I felt great and really had no symtoms and now this week I get nausea in the morning and it is no fun! With my daughter I had no symptoms and with my son just a week of nausea in the morning. I agreee that every pregnancy is different and just enjoy feeling good Smile

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You have nothing to worry about. Every single pregnancy is completely different. So dont compare yours to anyone else's, or even your past pregnancies! I never have morning sickness or nausea, my boobs were always sore in the beginning, but not with this baby. This time around I'm just super tired. Don't worry momma everything is ok!

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Thank you! It is so hard to not worry

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If it makes you feel any better, I never had nausea with my second pregnancy! I have some this time around, though I haven't thrown up.

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I'm right there with you - I get a little nervous also. I had nausea with both my previous pregnancies and I'm just waiting for it to start - I think it was around 6 weeks both times before. Although it would be nice to do without that Smile I guess I do have some symptoms currently - sore boobs, constantly peeing & extremely bloated stomach! It's awesome once you can feel baby move, because then you have that reassurance Smile