Not sure about betas :(

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Not sure about betas :(

I had an IUI on 11/24 but didnt get a positive ovulation until sunday. Got a + HPT and went into for my beta on
11 days past IUI (10 past ovulation) 34
15 dpiui (14) 253
17 dpiui (16) 496
19dpiui (18) 908.25

My doctor says they should double every 2-3 days but it still worries me they arent quite doubling every 48 hours. Did anyone have numbers like this and still have a normal pregnancy? I go in for my first US on 12/27 and I am so worried

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Is your doctor worried? Everyone's body reacts differently, if the standard is 2-3 days it could be that you are on the higher end of the norm. Or did you have the betas done at different times of the day? Maybe it was set to rise and you had your blood draw a little before that. Although it is REALLY hard to do, try not to worry. Smile

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Beta values main chart
Looking at this chart you are fine. Don't worry Smile

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agree with PP... your numbers are still rising and according to the chart, they're still within normal/average range Smile

Are you going to still be going back in for more betas?

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I've never had my numbers done but those sound good to me. I go for my first u/s on the 27th as well and am really freaked about it.

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One RE I went to wanted to see your beta at 50 at 14dpo - so your numbers look pretty good to me!!
Keep in mind in that doubling equation - if you had your 17dpiui blood test at noon and your 19dpiui test was earlier, then you are not truly at 48 hours, kwim? It can make a difference

I would be happy with your numbers (but completely understand your apprehension)

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I did take more betas and made a new thread Smile