Odd Questions from other people.

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Odd Questions from other people.

Has anybody gotten the stupid questions yet? Like " How did that happen?" or "Are you going to keep it?"

Yes those are two actual questions I have gotten from people that I know. I guess since I already have 4 kids and we aren't millionaires its an option to keep it or not.. never mind the fact that I wouldn't just get rid of a child. It was odd to be asked that thats for sure. The other one just makes me shake my head and laugh.. As if I am going to have a different answer then sex, lol But what I really think they are looking for is how did my method of BC fail and I end up pregnant. No matter how it happened I really don't see how it's any of their business.

So any odd questions or just plain dumb questions.

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We haven't told anyone yet about #3, but I hear people can be really rude to those having larger families. I hope you set those people straight!

When we announced our second baby we had our oldest wear a big brother shirt. The first thing my MIL said was "is that a hand me down? It's cute" LOL

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I've heard "Wow, you're sure brave." "Whoa, 3 is WAY more work than 2." Many times - "Was it planned?" "You just had to try for a girl?"

Yes, people have strange things to say, and not many people seem really excited for us, more that we don't have a clue what we're in for. Whatever.