Phew I feel better yesterday wasn't a fluke!

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Phew I feel better yesterday wasn't a fluke!

Again photobucket iPhone = huge pic, sorry!

I watched it this time and the test line showed as soon as the pee hit the window. I can breathe a tiny sigh of relief that at least the other test wasn't falsely positive. I almost always keep more tests on hand then one but like I said I thought for sure it was gonna be a bfn yesterday. Wish FRERs weren't so expensive. I just couldn't go with the cheaper blue dye I needed real reassurance and it was blue dye or FRER at Walgreens. I'll have to make a run to the $ tree lol.

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I love looking at the lines and being reassured as well. How are you feelig?

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Smile I love looking at those pretty pink lines too! Hope to see a few of my own in a few weeks!

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Carolyn I hope you get two pink lines as well!

kathleen- I'm feeling a little queasy today (which makes me happy lmao), my lower back hurts, Im tired and peeing a lot. Oh and my BBs are quite tender today as well. How about you?

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Yahoo Congrats!

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:clappy: Congrats!

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Congrats!!! HH9M!! Yahoo