POOOL!!! (and some other fun OT stuff!)

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POOOL!!! (and some other fun OT stuff!)

I'm going to the pool this afternoon for the first time in a week!! And since the pool is in the town I just moved from, I'm going to get to see a whole bunch of my friends Smile

Also tonight is the first meeting of a new women's choir opening up in my region! I've been dreaming of finding something like this for ages and now it's going to be real!! Soooo cannot wait! I'm not sure if there are going to be auditions, or if they are just asking people to prepare a song to see where everyone is at, but I'm debating between singing a Hebrew song and singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow... Maybe i'll decide when I get there.
I just hope I don't need to do too much screaming at my kids this afternoon so I have a voice to sing with by 8:30!!!

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It sounds like a great time, have fun!

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Sounds fantastic!!!!
Hope the pool was nice, cool and relaxing and the 'audition' went well!!
Let us know what you sang and how it went!!!

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(I posted this on my lodge on the Birthing Naturally board, and thought I'd share it here too!)

The pool was awesome! Had a really interesting multicultural experience there. My friends and I are more comfortable in modest clothes, so we go to the pool in the really cool swim dresses that really look like dresses! and we're not swimming, just getting in the water with our kids, so it's not like the extra bulk is at all annoying (if I were going to actually swim alone, I'd wear a bathing suit!) We also keep our heads covered usually with a cotton scarf or bandana, even at the pool. Anyway, so the two of us are sitting at the baby pool with our kids and 5 muslim women in full black dress come with their LO's, they are wearing white cotton veils to cover their hair and necks, but not their faces. Totally adorable kiddos! and everyone's playing in the pool. One of the women asks us in Hebrew about our dresses, b/c they are fully wet in the pool and clearly less comfortable than we are, so we tell them that it's actually bathing suit material. And they are fascinated! They're like, well we're wearing lycra, but it gets so heavy!
Our dresses wouldn't suit them anyway b/c they don't go down to the floor, just cover the knees and elbows. But they're loving the idea. And we're all laughing and having a good time.
So then a bunch of big kids come and start playing in the pool, and it's always a question when that happens, tell them to get out right away or wait to see if they're going to cause trouble for the little kids... I decided to wait.
Then an Israeli woman comes over with her little girl, and they're both wearing bikinis. And we're all playing and this kids are all having a blast together and I'm thinking about how I relate to all these women. On the one hand, the Israeli woman who is Jewish like me, she's speaking to her kid in Hebrew and it's all so familiar, and she's totally secular and non-observant and that's cool. And then the Muslim women who are gaggling to each other and their kids in Arabic, which is so unfamiliar, although the interactions are exactly what I experience every day. And although I don't know anything about their religious observance, the fact that they're at the pool on a boiling hot day in full dress is something I'm relating to on a religious level.

Ok, so then the fun starts. The big kids get really wild and they're running and jumping into the pool and they knock down one of the little Arab girls and the Israeli mother sees and first screams to the Arab moms to notice the kid and they pick her up and she's fine, and then she screams at the boys that it's so dangerous, and they look at her b/c they're pre-teens and they don't care. So then I get involved (the militant pool mama!) and I tell them in clear Hebrew that they are not allowed to be here, this pool is for babies and they need to get out now or I'm going to get the manager. It takes them a few seconds, but they leave. And all the moms look at me gratefully.... and then we all go back to our peaceful fun at the pool.

And there you have it. The Peace Process at the Pool!

As far as the choir, it was great! so worth the trip back and forth! It wasn't an audition, it was really just to place everyone in the proper section, I sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow and it went really well! I think it's going to be a really fun opportunity to join! The first meeting will be on Aug 27th... so we'll see where I'm at then babywise!! but I do think I'm going to commit to it and do it!