Proved to my ob office I was pg and made appt....

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Proved to my ob office I was pg and made appt....

My office makes you come in for a test before you can make your appt lol as if I cant read a pg test. But whatever I got a nice strong BFP there as well on my 3rd pee of the day w/o holding (pic below). I was nervous when I went in (always am) so I brought a blazing pee stick from home just in case. My appt is for Dec 27th and I will see my MW whom I love dearly. Then I'll have an u/s after my exam and see her again for the results. I usually go in earlier (I will be over 8 wks then) but I decided to wait since dh will be off work then and u/s are more accurate at 8 wks then 6. Feels like a long wait ahead of me!

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I have never seen a test with 2 colours! An 8 week u/s will certainly show you more.

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O wow, I haven't either, that's pretty cool! Smile

I know what you mean about long waits!!!! Although we met our midwife this past weekend, she doesn't start seeing ppl for appts until around 12 weeks....hmmf. Blum 3

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I know they are the only place I've ever seen that has two color tests. However with my last full term pg my FRERs were darker than those tests by far so I'm sure they're not as strong. The nurse said they are pretty cheap tests not expensive like FRERs.

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Congrats on the bfp!

Also, I have worked in several labs and haven't seen one like that the name sounds familiar but the two colors is whacky!