Pushed me forward a day!!!

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Pushed me forward a day!!!

So I had my preop clinic appointment today... Went through everything.. Had swabs for mrsa done and some bloods.
Saw doc to discuss my colitis meds...all uneventful.
Was funny though... I was lying on the couch and the midwife was listening to ninja... When I finally got off the couch I had left a wet patch... She looked paniced and asked if my waters had gone?
I said no I am just sweaty!!
It was so hot in there!!!
I find I sweat so badly under my tummy in this heat and it leaves my bum and belly and lady garden drenched!!!
Was soon funny... Although m was disgusted!!!

Then.... When we got home I checked my mobile and I had 3 missed calls and voicemails from the hospital to call them...so I did and they have moved the section forward to Tuesday due to them needing my Wednesday spot!!!
I see ninja a day early!!!
5 more sleeps!!!

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Oh wow!! I bet you can't wait to be holding him Smile

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Will be thinking of you tomorrow! YAY!!!