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So last Thursday week my little man had his vaccines.. Including the oral rotavirus vaccine.
Wednesday midnight I woke puking and poohing.
I was so rough that df took Ed to work with him.. He's runs a bed and breakfast with his m?ther so Ed stayed mostly with mil,fil and nan.
Obviously we didn't want Ed to get what I had.
Within 24 hours I hear that mil and m's 91 year old nan are throwing up!!
Then I hear fil who had flown to Italy is throwing up and m has been in bed feeling sick!!
I originally thought I must have given it to everyone on Sunday before my symptoms came out but on researching I see that the rotavirus vaccine is live and you need to take extra special care when changing nappies!!!
What I want to know is why did the nurse not warn me?????
Had I known that Ed could be contagious I would never have ask m to take him that day!!
This could be really bad for nan considering she also had a mild stroke just before Ed was born!!!
I am fuming at the incompetence of this woman not letting a first time mum know of the risks!!

That is my rant!!
Please keep my in laws edpecially nan in your thoughts.

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Oh no!! I didn't know that, but I don't do that vaccine. I hope everyone is better very soon!!

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That is gross negligence on the part of the nurse!! You should call your dr's office to complain immediately. Even if you were not a ftm, she is required to tell you about the risks of a live vaccine!
Not cool at all!! I hope you all start to feel better soon!! And that your nan doesn't have any complications from this!

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Yup.. Done it.. Via letter and phone all.
I am waiting on a response to see how they plan to handle this.
Everyone is gradually recovering.
Nan has slipped a disc now which may have been through vomiting.
Mil is still under the weather but feeling better.
This has caused a row between m and I as Ed has 1or 2 mire doses I think at 12 weeks and 16 weeks and he wants to opt out now as he thinks it us more dangerous then good.