Saw and felt huge kicks!!!

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Saw and felt huge kicks!!!

I just had a bath... Decided on bath and early night to wash the day away after rubbish blood sugars again and my little boy has taken me right off if the Grey clouds and popped ne in happy sunshine as he just kicked the blues out of me!!!!
My belly went up where he kicked me and when I put my hand over my tummy he kicked my hand!!!
I called m... He couldn't hear so I rang him and he came running up and sat staring until the blighter did a teaser kick that you can forgive yourself for thinking you imagined it!!
M then got up and walked out muttering about it being scary!! And the sod did a couple more hefty kicks to wave bye to daddy before turning over and doing whatever he does in there!!!

I am very very very happy!!!!!!!

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Awwwwwwwwwww!!! How cool!!! Biggrin
LOL so M thought it was scary? that's so funny Wink

I'm not showing enough to be able to see anything moving around in there yet.. started off with a few more lbs than you did, I'm pretty much positive haha. Wink Have felt a few kicks from the outside and DH is starting tobe able to feel kicks too so that's fun!! Smile

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Its so exciting eh!!
My little rascal has been quiet today...a couple of little pops so I am guessing hes lying in a weird position as I got his heart beat easily enough...hes just not battering me...sulk!!! LOL

M found buying the pram scary!!! LOL

Oh...hes painted the nuresry now..we just need to get the carpet fitted...then as he has sorted his old cot out we will use that!!!
Can't wait to get everything done and in there...reckon he'll be a gibbering mess!!!! LOL


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Sooooo exciting!!!

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Sorry your SO is being a little bit of a scardy cat in regards to the baby in the belly. My Husband is quite the opposite, he still can't feel any kicks on the outside yet but he still "talks" to the belly. lol. men are weird. lol

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Whoa Liz! 24 weeks, that happened fast!!!! I love seeing and feeling the kicks still! It is so amazing!! Haha about your SO being freaked out. It does kind of look like a alien in there sometimes.