Shocked and surprised to be here...

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Shocked and surprised to be here...

Hello ladies, my name is Krystal and I just got a positive test today, at four days late. My EDD is August 23. This will be my fifth baby... So needless to say I'm a bit shell shocked. My youngest just turned one on thanksgiving day, so this is the closest in ages my children will have. It's was to ally not planned and I'm freaking out a little... I haven't even told DH. I joined this site with my last pregnancy, so I've been around a while. Trying to get up the courage to deal with all of this... But I'm glad ill have you ladies to share this with...

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Congrats!! Love your kids' names btw. We have a big family too if everything goes well this will be #7!

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***Shamelessly Stalking***

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Congratulations! Smile

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Congrats Krystal! What a great surprise! I'm sure you will get used to the idea and your kids and DH will be excited too. Smile

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Congratulations!!! Smile HH9M! Biggrin

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So have you told your dh yet?

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Yes I told him a few days ago. He's not thrilled and is still getting used to the idea. DH has two sons from his first wife also, so this will make baby #7 total. It's going to take him some time. It's still not even real yet for me. I haven't even told anyone else, nor made a dr appointment. I'm sure everything will come around its just so stressful with so many kids and our youngest just having turned one year old. Sorry if I sound like a downer...

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Sorry to hear DH wasn't too happy when you told him the news Sad I'm sure it came as a shock to him! Hopefully he'll warm up to the idea as time goes along!

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Hey Krystal! We overlapped on the Birthing Naturally board last time around... it will be nice to share a birth board this time, too! I know how you feel. Yesterday I asked DH to remind me that he really did see two thick unmistakable lines!
My first appt is this Thurs... I'm also shell-shocked. The benefit I have is that big families are not uncommon in my community, and I'm the oldest of 5 myself. And by big I don't mean 4-5, I mean 8-12!!! I don't know how they do it! But they do, so there's support around me.

So I'll pass that support on to you! I'll also share with you a firm belief of my grandmother's that she shared with me, she has 6 kids and she is one of 16!! Every child is a blessing, each one is a soul that we have merited to bring down to Earth. And God provides for every living being. The strength and energy you need to cope (and thrive) with this new addition - you will find it.