So mad!

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So mad!

Okay this has nothing to do with pregnancy but I am livid!!!

My 2 year old daughter loves to play with my phone but there are certain times where she can and can not play with my phone. I had put it up on a shelf that I thought she couldn't reach, man was I wrong. She grabbed it off the shelf and when I saw her with it I asked her to give it back to me and she threw it, it landed perfectly on the screen and now it is shattered beyond any use unless I want to get tiny little glass cuts. It wouldnt have been so bad if this house wasn't fully tiled. So my phone didn't have nice carpet to fall on to Sad
My phone has been dropped and thrown so many times that I didn't think it would have shattered like this but I guess it landed just the right way Sad Now I have no idea when we can afford to get me a new cover. So mad and annoyed.
Lets just say my daughter is very lucky that I love her as much as I do and that an early bed time is all that she got.

SO mad!!

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I can sooo relate to this!! before I succumbed to the android phone, I had a really simple phone, but I got a galaxy 5 player, just to keep in touch with family overseas with pictures and videos and fb updates. And about 3 months ago DS1 and DD were fighting over it, I wasn't in the room (they also pulled it off a high shelf!) and it ended up falling between they're hands onto the floor and the screen was cracked beyond use! I wanted to kill them! It was so hard to keep it together and maintain the concept that we try to teach that people are more important than things... aaarrgh!!!

yeah, your DD is lucky she got away with just an early bed time!