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So Tierd

Does anyone else feel like they have been hit by a bus?

I honestly don't think that I've ever felt this tired! I have been going to bed 1-2 hours earlier than normal, but I feel like I could sleep forever. I start yawning uncontrollably around 6pm and it doesn't stop until I go to bed. All day long I feel like I am dragging. I could really use a daily nap, but with work and the kids it just can't happen during the week. I can't wait until second trimester when I start to feel human again!

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I was right there (hit by a bus) last week, which was week nine for me. I got as much rest as I could and I am so much better this week. Hang in there.

ETA: Now it is all about weird dreams this week, every single night!!

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Yes, I feel the same way! It also does not help that DS has decided to give up his nap for the past month or so.

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The fatigue seems to hit me late afternoon/early evening.

Southernmom, I've been having weird dreams too.

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I am definitely exhausted all of the time! And between working full time and four other kids I can't nap or get any extra sleep!

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This pregnancy really got me with the exhaustion too. Fortunately around 11 weeks I slowly got eneru back and am now pretty much back to normal. Hang in there!!

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Hang in there. At 15 weeks, I'm just starting to get a little energy back. But I've also had the nasty virus going around that wipes your energy. It's hard with two big kids to chase, isn't it? Just a few more weeks!!!

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I am super exhausted, This pregnancy is kicking my a$$. It also doesn't help that keira still wakes up atleast once and it can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour for her to go back to sleep. So that and working in the morning just sucks all my energy and by the time 4:30 hits I can barely keep my eyes open and with 2 little girls 2 and under that can be dangerous. lol