Some pictures for you :)

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Some pictures for you :)

M putting his mark on the nursery.

Finished Pooh.

Cot and Pooh.

Me on the beach!! M calls me Harpoony... As in beaches whale!!! Lol xxxx

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love Pooh bear! You are now in the third trimester!!! Woot!

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You and the nursery look great!

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beached whale!?! Oh please! You're so little and cute Biggrin

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He likes to tell me I'm fat!! Lol xxx

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M is a very good artist!! It looks like you have some nice things ready for this little guy.

I think you look great!! TFS pictures, I love to look but am too lazy to post them LOL

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Very cute!

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Love the Pooh Bear!!! Smile M did a great job!!! He's got some talent right there.. if I tried copying a picture like would not be pretty haha. ANd you look so stinkin adorable, Liz!!!! Smile :) Smile Lookit your cute little round tummy!!!:) Smile

Hahaha, my hubby almost called me a whale the other night.. I was saying "Humph" about something or other and he said, "Alright then, Humphrey the-" then cut off. So of course I had to say, "Humphrey the WHAT!?!?!" til he screamed, "Ok ok ok!! I was gonna say Humphrey the Whale!!!" ..........hahahaha