... someone was impatient

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... someone was impatient

.. water broke the night of sunday the 14th but 12 hours later was still only 1cm and 25%effaced.. Had to forego my dream of natural birth at the birth center and was induced at the hospital with cytotec and pitocin.... The epidural made the pain manageable halfway thru the 24 hour long labor and....
Nolan David W. was born July 16 at 3:39 pm, weighing 7lbs, 13oz and measuring 20" long. So worth the 5 years of ttc and the unexpected change of labor planS and everything else!!! Smile

We moved back home early, so glad, and just recovering from my second degree tear and figuring out sleeping and nursing...;)

Hang in there, ladies!!!!! Not much longer now!!!!

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Ooh!! Congrats!!!!
handsome boy! Like the name!!

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Congratulations mama!!!
I am so overjoyed for you and hubby!!!
Devastated you couldn't wait for us to be 'overseas' twins though lol!!
He is so gorgeous!!!!!
I bet you are so so proud!!!!!
Much love and kisses and snuggles to all of you!!!!!

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congrats liss!!!! i guess my guy is not our first board baby after all!!

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What a handsome little guy! Welcome Nolan! Congrats Liss & Liss's husband!

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OMG congrats!! He's beautiful!

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Congrats! Welcome Nolan! Your birth sounds like my first. The best part, while not ideal, is holding that precious boy!

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Congratulations Liss! He is absolutely gorgeous!! So happy for you to finally be holding your little blessing. Biggrin