Thinking of you Liz

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Thinking of you Liz

Best wishes for a great delivery and a healthy baby and mommy! Hope M doesn't pass out and manages a few pics for you Wink

I don't know what time your surgery is, but I think you are a bit ahead of the USA to begin with, so it's a matter of hours now.

Good luck!!!! Thinking good thoughts for you!!

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Good luck! I hope that everything goes smoothly. Enjoy those newborn snuggles. Smile

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So excited for you. I have waited for you to be a mommy for years. I get to be an auntie to a sweet boy. Can't wait to hear everything and see pictures of your little prince, maybe he can be friends with Prince George Wink

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good luck Liz!!

I think she said on FB today that she is due at the hospital at 7AM for prep which is two hours from when I'm posting this. She's fist on the list for c-sections today I believe as well, so baby should be here in 3-4 hours!!

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Thank you for the good thoughts guyxxxx