TTC #4! :)

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TTC #4! :)

I am backkk Smile DH and I are trying for #4! My name is Melissa I am 26, Dh and I have been married for over 6 years, and we have 3 boys, 5, 3, and 15 months. Smile Hopefully we get a BFP for a August 2013 baby! BUT I've been off Depo since last December and so far things haven't regulated yet. I could have SWORN I was pregnant last week, but took 2 tests, both negative, and then AF showed a few days!! Nice to meet you all! Smile

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Nice to meet you!! Wow, 4 kids 6 and under potentially? You are a brave soul! I am going to venture to say you wouldn't mind a little girl?

Hope you have a quick TTC journey. Wink

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Hi Smile
Good luck!

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Hi, I'm in almost the same boat. I'm 28 and we're TTC #4 also. I have 3 boys, almost 5, 3, and 18mo. Good luck to you!

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Nice to meet you all! Yep I love kids. My sister is 10 years older than I and so I kind of felt like the only child when I was little. So I always wanted a big family. Smile and yessss I would LOVE to have a little girl. BUT if I am meant to only have boys, then so be it. Smile Lol

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Nice to meet you!! Lots of luck to you this cycle! :goodluck:

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Good luck. I just have one boy and would love a girl but at this point (over 5 years trying for #2) I will take a healthy baby and continue to spoil my great-nieces if we have another boy. Either way we are starting over with having no baby stuff at all!

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Welcome and Good luck. We are ttc#3. I would love to have alot more but for dh's sake I think thos is our last. Hope to see you around.

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Yay!!! Someone to stalk!!! Biggrin

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"Nell4Him" wrote:



Yay!!! Someone to stalk!!! Biggrin

Ditto this! GL, Mel!