Ultrasound done today!

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Ultrasound done today!

Today was the big day!
Thanks to the fabulous weather today, DD's school was closed and DS's daycare was also closed, SO, both came to the scan. Luckily DH was able to step away from work long enough to be there with us. Thankfully, he works at the same hospital Smile DS was a pill during it all - got lots of treats/candy and shows on the Ipad to keep him somewhat contained.

I don't have "official" results as my midwife couldn't make it into town due to the weather - she's stuck 4 hours away. But they told me that if they saw anything concerning, they would have one of the doctors in the practice see me. I'm scheduled to see my midwife tomorrow, if all goes as planned.

They confirmed that my placenta is anterior, which I was sort of suspecting. I haven't felt a ton of movement yet, so was wondering about that. Just lately I've felt more - but I skipped those light fluttery first feelings I remember with DD & DS and am feeling more pronounce jabs now - like on my bladder Smile

Baby is also currently breech, got pictures of all the anatomy things that they needed to. They checked my cervical length and the tech said "it looked good". I like to know exacts, but should find that out tomorrow hopefully Smile

We were able to find out baby's gender....but here are some pictures first.....

It's a BOY!!!!

So, DH & I were both wrong Smile DD says she happy it's a boy b/c DH told her if it was a girl, the baby would want to play with her Barbies, etc, so now she doesn't have to share those with a brother Smile
DS might actually sort of "get" that there's a baby in there now. He watched them doing the scan and saw the pictures on the screen and kept saying "baby". We kept telling him that there's a baby in mom's tummy - so if anything, maybe coming along will help him understand now!

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Lots of us are ending up with 2 boys and one girl! Just in a different order.

Glad you made it safely considering the weather. I know it is hard bringing other children to appointments, I had to do that last week and am hoping not to have to bring my 5 year old to my GD 1 hour appointment.

I hope you get good news from your midwife.

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Congratulations! Smile

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Your son is already very handsome xxxxxx

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Congrats on your newest boy! Like you I have an older daughter and will have 2 younger sons!

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aw! what a cutie! the way kids reason things out is just hysterical! love what your DD said!

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So, I forgot to update details after I had my MW appt. So everything sounded good - she went through the measurements, major anatomy stuff and everything was great. The only thing that was out of the norm is that baby boy is measuring 1 week ahead - based upon a long abdomen and femur - go figure, he's gonna be tall, his dad is 6'3" and I have height in my family, although I only ended up 5'8" Smile
My cervical length was 3.9 cm and right around 4.0 is normal, so we were both very happy with that. Originally we discussed doing cervical lengths via u/s every 2 weeks as we did with DS. We discussed my concerns about the cost of me having to pay for many of the u/s out of pocket due to a change in my insurance. But I told her, that if doing the u/s would prevent a NICU stay, the cost of the u/s is negligable when you consider the cost of a NICU stay. I read off all of my cervical lengths to her that I kept track of with DS pg. My cervix did shorten around 28-30 weeks, but not dangerously, so she said she feels that we proved that I don't have an incompetent cervix. She said the cerv lengths themselves aren't going to prevent a NICU stay, the only they would tell us, is to give me progresterone and possibly give me betamethasone (steroid to develop baby's lungs). I'm already on the progesterone, so the only benefit would be betamethasone. She said they wouldn't give that to me before 24 weeks due to baby's development, etc. So, we decided that at 24 weeks we will check another cervical length and then go from there. If things still look good, we might consider checking again in 4 weeks and call it good? If I start contracting significantly or things are looking short, maybe we would do them more frequently. I'm happy with this plan!
I already feel much more relaxed in this pregnancy just knowing that I was able to make it to term with DS.
She also measured my abdomen and that measured right on at 20 weeks.
Crazy to think that I'm half way already!!!!