Ultrasound Update

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Ultrasound Update

I went for my first ultrasound today and we saw a heartbeat. Baby is measuring right around 6 1/2, 7 weeks. Something that did concern me a little....there was a small amount of blood high up in my uterus. Doc said it was from the sac pulling away from the uterus and that it was nothing to be concerned about. But he asked me if I'd had any bleeding...I hadn't as of this afternoon. He said brown discharge is no big deal but to call right way if it's red. So what happens when I get home? I start spotting. It's stopped now. It was a real small amount when I wiped and I think it's just from the ultrasound wand. I'm still concerned though. Anyone had something like this before?

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I did with my last pregnancy, around thirteen weeks, but everything was fine. Like your dr said, as long as its not red blood, you should be ok momma!