Ultrasound yesterday

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Ultrasound yesterday

I Ihad an ultrasound yesterday for the research study I'm part of. Didn't get any good pictures of baby tho bc his face is looking at my back Sad
I know they can be off later in pregnancy .... But they measure him at 7 lbs7 oz at 35 weeks! Not too much of a surprise as I am expecting another 9 lb baby! MW said today to continue watching my diet & weight gain if those numbers are right. Blah-our families just make big babies!!
Hes sure moving around down low today & quite uncomfortable -slightly achy in lower aBdomen-not sure what he's up to in there!

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Nice to get an extra scan and know all is good eh??
A big baby.... Big bonny and bouncing!!!
He's probably getting settled in your pelvis... Mine makes my hip/ groin grate. Mostly on the right but had a sharp one on the left last night!!
Doesn't it make you gasp!!!!

Not long now til we all have our chumbawambas!!! Xxxxxx

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Wow! But you are right, they can be way off. They told me a few days before Theo was born that he was 6 pounds, imagine my surprise when he turned out to be 4 lbs 10 oz! I obviously grow small babies. I think it would be awesome to have a big squishy baby though!!