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I'm kind of bummed out because our midwife only requires/offers one at 20 weeks (which is an eternity away at this point lol)...
Since we just moved to this town less than a year ago, I haven't found a new gynecologist so don't really want to go the new patient/expensive fees route or jump through all of the Medicaid hoops just for an ultrasound... Blum 3

The reason why I'd want one now anyway is just to make sure everything's in the right spot and coming along fine... this is our first ever pregnancy after nearly 5 years so the thought of miscarriage is enough to make me a little apprehensive at the least.

So, how many of you ladies have had ultrasounds or will be having one soon? What are the policies that your doctor/midwife has in place? Smile Does it or did it even really help with the whole peace of mind thing to have an ultrasound? Smile

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I will have an ultrasound at the next appt (10 weeks) and then another at the 20 week mark. I personally like knowing that everything is ok in there and to see that on the ultrasound screen really helps ease my mind. Waiting until 20 weeks would be torture! Best of luck to you!

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I get one on Jan 4th for dating purposes and I will be about 7 weeks along. I really enjoy getting an early ultrasound because then I can see my baby and it feels soo real to me and of course they can rule out twins, he he! I might also get one at 12 weeks for the nucal scan and then the 20 week anatomy ultrasound. The 20 week one will be exciting because I will have to look away when the tec looks below the belly button because I am waiting to find out the gender Smile

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I will get one at my first appt on the 27th when I will be a little over 8 wks. They never used to just do a routine u/s at your appt but in the past year or so they have added it in. I love the peace of mind seeing a healthy baby w/ a hb. I have even begged for one in the past. I will be having others as well since I have high bp and had a recent loss.

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I just had an ultrasound at 6 weeks & 2 days. It definitely eases your mind at knowing there is definitely a fetus in there & it all looks okay. But with my last m/c, they did an ultrasound a week b4 my m/c and it still happened. There's nothing wrong with wanting to have an ultrasound! I would push to have one sooner than 20 weeks!!

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With DD had an U/S at 8 weeks. With this pregnancy I'm considered high risk for the first trimester so I get an U/S at 6 weeks to check everything out. I like to get an early U/S because it always puts my mind at ease.

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I'm having one at 8 weeks, because that's my first appointment. I'm going to have the nuchal scan at 12 weeks, the sex determination at 20 weeks, and I'm going to get a 3d one at some point (I did that with DD1, and it was really cool). I also have to have two additional scans to check the baby's heart development, but I can't remember when those will be. My doctor and I talked about it at my annual checkup, but I wasn't pregnant yet, so I guess I didn't pay close enough attention.

I like the ultrasounds. I like being able to see that things are coming along as they are supposed to. I'm not going to feel really secure in this pregnancy until I see it on the monitor.

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My ob only does one at 20 weeks unless there's a problem... Such as they can't find a heartbeat. I always end up getting a 3d us around 13 weeks to find out the sex though, so you could always go that route!

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Routine for us is around 20 weeks as well.
That's all I had with DD.
With DS though, I did have an us/ around 8 weeks for my peace of mind as I was having some spotting. Then I had serial u/s to check my cervical lengths - I honestly can't remember how often we did those...every 4 weeks?? So we got to see him a lot & it was fun Smile
I haven't talked w/ my MW yet to see if she plans to do the cervical lengths again or not?
I haven't ever done the 1st trimester screen, but believe that you have an u/s if you opt to do that. I've considered doing it since I'm older this time around (32 going on 33), although my MW said you're not considered high risk until you're 35 years old.
We'll see what happens I guess.

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Oh wow... super jealous of all the early u/s going on, haha! Smile
Like abacaxi pointed out, it's nice to SEE things and make sure everything's progressing as it should..
I'm super visual, anyway, and while it's nice to see pix online or on my phone apps, it'd be even nicer to see MY baby haha.
Good luck to all who have u/s coming up soon!!!!!

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I go to a midwife practice and only the 20 week one is standard. They do offer the NT scan at 12 weeks though and I'll probably opt for it, just so we can see the baby Wink

Honestly I like the laid back approach because I like that they feel they don't need to micromanage/constantly look for problems when there aren't signs, etc. But I always want at least that first one at 12 weeks to reassure myself that everything's there and on track!

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I went in for my confirmation appointment today, and they were going to schedule me for a dating U/S next week. Instead we're waiting a few weeks so I can have that and my next appt. on the same day.

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I had one at 5 weeks 5 days, 6 weeks 4 days and will have one at around 8+1 and then 9+2. After that I assume it won't be until maybe 12 weeks and then 20.

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I haven't even made an appt yet. Probably call sometime in Jan. Usally they do a dateing u/s and then norm a u/s around 20 week. I will probably be getting a private u/s done so i can get 3d and 4d pics, never did one before since this is my 6th i wanna do something special.

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I want to add that people who get many US (like me) normally have a history that explains it. For me it was that I took clomid so they wanted to confirm pregnancy wasn't ectopic and then I had a MC one week after I heard the Hb so there for I want to have one around 8 weeks