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I went in for an ultrasound this afternoon and the clomid I took from last cycle has caused me to develop two cysts. That means I can't take clomid this cycle. There is no problem with doing it the old fashioned way, but of course that hasn't worked for us in the last year, I don't know why it would now. A little disappointed, but still sticking around. Maybe I'll get pregnant without assistance....it will be a Christmas miracle....

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Sorry Steph. I hope you do get your Christmas miracle.

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I feel your pain. I have PCOS and I have heard annov cycles usually mean cyst Sad Let's pray for Christmas miracles!!

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oh crummy! I'm so sorry.

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I hope you get your Christmas miracle.

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Oh no that's rubbish Sad I'm sorry to hear this Sad

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Sorry to hear about the cysts and no clomid. I hope your Christmas is miraculous!

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Thanks ladies! Had some time to think over Thanksgiving and count my blessings! I will start my OPK's tomorrow so getting geared up for some timed intercourse! Yay! Wink