update on us, sorry for being MIA!

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update on us, sorry for being MIA!

Hi ladies!

Sorry for not being around, I don't get to sit at my computer too often, and my phone doesn't like non-mobile-ready sites!

Anyway, I wanted to say hi again, and update our little group on where I'm at. We've had a bit of sad news in the past week, but also some very exciting things. And I try to keep it in perspective and remember that everything is for the best.

So first of all, I have contracted every virus that went around this winter! Even the ones my kids managed to avoid! So I was really sick for a few weeks and am just now feeling much better and actually eating normally (i.e. pregnant-normal: 5-6 meals/day plus snacks!! but I keep it healthy, and whole-foods as much as possible).

I guess I'll start with the excited news and then share the sad things:
Last week I attended my second birth in Israel as a doula and this was my first hospital birth here! (the first, 9 months ago was a home birth) It was so lovely, and I came back on such a high! I was also very impressed by the hospital staff, they were compassionate and very non-intervention. The next day, I decided that I am not going to wait anymore, I'm going to start studying to become a midwife! It's been my dream for a long time, and I realized that life is not going to get any easier, and since I have to get certified as a nurse first (no such thing as CPM here) it could be as much as 8 years before I can start attending homebirths! I'll be 40 by then! So I don't want to wait any more!
My other exciting news is that we are going to visit my family in NY for 3 weeks! We are leaving in a week from today, I'm sooo excited! my two littlest ones haven't met my grandmother or any of my aunts and uncles, and I'm really excited to be able to see everyone for a while! (and go shopping!!)

Ok, so the sad news is that last week (actually the morning after the birth I went to) our little kitty got hit by a car. He was so sweet and we'd only had him for about 6 months. One of the best tempered little creatures I've ever met! He tolerated being tail-pulling and ear-pulling, and also hugs that were more like wrestling! He tolerated DD treating him like a dress-up doll and carrying him like a baby, he was just the sweetest little guy, and it just feels so sad that he's not with us anymore. The kids are actually handling it really well, especially DD, she is grieving, but in a healthy way. I think I'm finding it the hardest! Because he was always around with me at home, so when I'm cooking chicken, or going out to get something from the backyard, or cleaning up from breakfast, and he's not there by my feet asking for food, I'm so sad! The interesting this is, I thought they would all ask for another pet right away, and they haven't. I think that's also part of knowing that they are grieving in a healthy way. They're not looking to replace him and get over it. I know eventually we will have another pet, but I'm really proud of them that they are doing so well now without one.

The other sad-ish news is that the main reason we were travelling now was that my baby brother was engaged and getting married next week, but they broke it off a few days ago. It was a mutual decision, and it was the right decision, but they were together for 5 years and obviously, it's really hard for him. I'm happy that we're all going to be together anyway, and I think it will be really good for him and for the family to be close while he heals. And I'm hoping he will actually come back with us to Israel afterwards and continue studying here to become a Rabbi, which is what he has wanted (and what wasn't going to happen in that relationship).

So anyway, that's my novel-length update! Stay tuned for the movie, coming soon to the Hallmark Channel!
I hope to be around more now that I'm feeling better and out of bed!

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What a great idea to become a MW! I have often thought about it myself, but I just don't have the motivation to go back to school, work, and raise children. Sorry to hear about your brother and your kitty, but it sounds as though you are doing well despite the sadness.

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So glad that you experienced a great birth and it gave you that push to really do something you love Smile

So sorry about your kitty I know how horrible that can be Sad I'm also sorry about your brother, I hope everything turns out okay.

I'm glad your on the mend and hope to see more posts Smile

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Thanks for the support, girls. morel_baby, I can totally relate to how you feel. I had just written it off to "one day I'll be a grandma midwife!" but every time I advise a mom through her birth or I attend a birth, I always feel this longing and this frustration that I should know more, that I should be able to be the midwife and not just the doula! So I just decided that I can't wait anymore, I just have to do it, even though I know it's going to be REALLY hard!

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Tani, congratulations on your decision to pursue your dream. That's really inspiring! From all you've posted, I think you'll be a great MW. Sorry to hear about your kitty and your brother, though it sounds like the latter was for the best. Also glad to hear you're feeling better. That must have been a long haul, taking care of kiddos when you're feeling lucky. I'm envious of your trip to NY, though I'm looking forward to going there in the fall for my SIL's wedding.