We have a baby bean!

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We have a baby bean!

I just got back from my ultrasound and I am soo excited that I saw and heart my baby's heartbeat for the first time! I must have ovulated really late because I am 7 weeks when I thought I was closer to 8 weeks but, baby was growing fine and had a heartbeat of 132bpm! I really like my new doctor and I got all my apts set up for the next few months and even set up that nucal scan ultrasound for next month! I really loved watching my baby on the screen, but the picture didn't turn out that great. Seeing my baby on the ultrasound makes it feel soo real that I am really pregnant and going to have a baby in August! I am thinking about telling my family and friends this weekend maybe even making it facebook offical, he he! I am due on August 23 but I think i will have he/ she ealier and I really want to try to be on team green. I just have to talk my husband into waiting So far we are nicknaming our baby "baby surprise" he he!

Here is my picture!

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Ooo, hi there Baby Surprise! Wink
It sounds like you had a great appointment, and I can totally see your little baby in the u/s pic!
So glad everything went well for you!!!!

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Congratulations Kelly! We have the same due date! Very cute baby bean, and hh9m!!

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congrats!! HH9M to you and baby surprise!

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How exciting to see the little guy! Congrats again Smile

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What a great appointment!! Thank you for sharing the picture!

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Love the picture of the bean! Congrats!

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Congrats! HH9M!!!

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Congratulations! Love the picture!